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When Life Hitz Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes All you need is a shoulder for inspiration to shine through © 2018

To unite as one, To become one, To be as one

Faith Plants the seed,

Love makes it grow.

Look up so you can see

Our work may not be the Same

But We are All Equal

Friends are there when your feeling down friends help put your feet back on the ground. They strengthen your faith when no one is there to understand. If you have a dear friend let them know how much you care. They help lift your spirit and keep you focused on what truly matters even when life sometimes makes you feel scattered.

Thank you dear friend for staying so true,

 You mean the word to me and always will. I love you dear friend for being around and helping me get my feet back on the ground. ©2018

The best of men aren't perfect.

You Changed. No, you stayed the same.

You have to take care of how you listen

Don’t settle in the place

of your greatest pain

You need to know Who you are

When you judge, you have no time to Love

Don't let anyone steal your Joy!

Sprinkle a little Love

Don’t get lost in your own thoughts

You are the whisper

that speaks to

my heart

You are Who you are

And so the Spirit Soared

Freedom is being you

without anyone’s permission.